Housekeeping & Maintenance 

Our support staff’s attention to detail affords a clean, sanitary, and safe home for our residents.  We pride ourselves on being clean, well kept, and smelling like a home--not a health care facility.  We're sure that you will notice this when you walk in our doors!

Our Housekeeping Department is staffed seven days a week. Housekeepers clean and sanitize individual resident's rooms and bathrooms daily, as well as lobbies, halls, and community areas. A routine schedule is set up for more thorough cleaning in each area of the nursing home. 

Our Maintenance Department ensures that nursing home equipment is in good working order and pays special attention to the grounds and physical structure. Their goal is to maximize comfort for residents and make safe and effective working conditions for staff.

The Maintenance Department is available to help residents with needed repairs, and problems with their rooms or equipment.



While laundry might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the quality of care at a long term care facility, it does play an important role in our residents’ needs. 

Realizing that comfort and cleanliness adds to the quality of life for our residents, our Laundry department is in operation seven days a week, including holidays.  This expansive schedule helps us to insure fresh and sanitized bedding, towels, and clothes for our residents. 

Marked, personal laundry is picked up from the resident's room one day and delivered back to their room by the next day.  Personal laundry is included in the per diem rate. We encourage residents to have clothing that is wash-and-wear. 

We do everything possible to make sure our residents have clean, unwrinkled and comfortable clothing. This is part of our quality care.

Families are able to wash their resident's clothing, especially more delicate items, if they desire. 


Medicaid & Medicare



Grand View is a Medicaid certified facility. This means that when a person can't afford to pay the costs of staying at Grand View Care Center, Medicaid or Medical Assistance is available.  Medicaid is a state-administered federally and state funded insurance program for individuals and families with low incomes and resources. Certain eligibility requirements must be met.

For more information, visit, or contact our Social Services Department at 608-989-2511.


All of Grand View Care Center's 98 beds are federally certified for Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare is a government health insurance program for

  • people 65 years of age and older.

  • some people with disabilities under 65.

  • people with end-stage renal disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant).

Part A is compulsory social insurance; Part B is voluntary government-subsidized, government-operated insurance.

Please visit for enrollment information and general information. Contact our Social Services Department at 608-989-2511 for more information on Medicare eligibility at Grand View.