Skilled Nursing Care

Nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities, provide round-the-clock nursing care and significant assistance with the activities of daily life.  Grand View has nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day to help individuals meet daily physical, social and psychological needs. A licensed physician supervises each resident's care.   


Grand View has an atmosphere that is calm and comfortable. Grand View’s licensed skilled nursing staff is knowledge and is continually trained as new technologies and procedures become available, providing state of the art health care for our residents.  Grand View’s skilled staff will always go one step further to deliver the best care possible.  They never lose sight that comforting words and touch are also an integral part of our residents’ over-all well-being.  Our staff listens to your needs to understand the life you want for yourself or your loved one, and then will customize a solution that puts that life within reach. Each resident's short- or long-term care is customized for their individual needs and preferences, and delivered around-the-clock by trained nursing professionals.  Whether you are in need of a short-term or long-term care stay, our facility is designed to promote nursing and rehabilitation care in a high-quality and compassionate environment. 


Although continually trained in new technologies and procedures, and provided with the latest nursing equipment, our staff never forgets that the best care is warm and personalized care.  This care brings out close bonds between staff and residents, and their families.  It creates a family-like atmosphere and inspires our staff to always have the resident's best interest at heart.


Our facility offers a variety of conveniences and amenities designed to enhance comfort, and promote dignity and recovery.  Our medically trained staff can provide a level of care not found in many other facilities which includes:

  • Onsite Certified Wound Care
  • Onsite Phlebotomy
  • Onsite X-ray
  • Onsite Podiatry
  • Onsite Telepsychiatry
  • Onsite dental
  • Onsite INR Monitoring
  • IVs
  • Feeding Tubes


Where you live does impact how well you live!


We are designated as a clinical experience site for nursing students.  Click for more information.