Restorative Care

When your therapy from a licensed therapist is complete, or physician ordered services from licensed therapists are not necessary, Grand View has restorative services offerred through our nursing department. These services, which are focussed on restoring and maintaining function, are considered part of your daily care and provided at no additional cost.   Restorative aides are on staff to help residents maintain mobility skills and maximize independence in daily living activities. Our restorative aides will also take over where our licensed therapists leave off and reinforce the training from physical and occupational therapy, ensuring that progress made through those services is maintained over time by following a plan set in place by our therapists.


Today’s elders are strong and active. With the help of our restorative programs, our residents are walking, exercising, doing weight training, participating in exercise/stretching classes, and remaining as independent as is possible. Our goal is to maximize every person’s level of function and minimize decline.