Respite Care

When a household includes an elderly or disabled person, it is not always easy to get away for an afternoon, day, or a week. For many, caring for a loved one can simply be a part of daily life. Grand View understands doing it alone can be difficult to handle at times.  Caregivers may need a break from the day-to-day responsibilities for their own health and wellbeing. 


Grand View’s Respite Care program provides short-term residency of loved ones and services for caregivers to relax and recharge as our professional nursing staff provides a comprehensive, enriching program with creative activities, nutritious meals and dignified personal care.  Respite stays can be beneficial, meaningful, and enjoyable to both the caregiver and the resident. 


Families usually find that their loved one really enjoys their time spent with us.  We always have lots of fun activities going on; plenty of people to visit with; and a comfortable place for solitude, if that is what they desire.  Our professional nursing staff is always available to make sure medical needs are cared for and medications given as prescribed.


For more information, contact Social Services.