We have a new state of the art kitchen and dining room.  If you have not seen them in person, come in and check them out (or, pictures of the new area will soon be available on this webpage).  You will see that the area is very pleasing to the eye and really adds to our Dining Experience here at Grand View Care Center. 


We also have smaller dining areas on our 300, 400, and 600 wings for individuals who choose to eat closer to their living areas, or with special needs.




We provide delicious meals three times a day with optional snacks as well.  Our Certified Dietary Manager, Kandace Witcraft, develops the menus based on what residents want and she incorporates seasonal food items whenever possible.  Grand View Care Center contracts with a licensed dietician, Kim Galstad, who makes sure our menu items are nutritional and provided in the right portions and the right form for each individual resident.


Coffee and treats are available anytime in the Main Dining Room and after activities and special events.  We provide additional snacks and supplements to residents who need them.


If you would like to know our meal times so that you can enjoy a meal with a resident or plan your visit around the meal, please call us at 608-989-2511.


Made to Order Breakfast

A made to order breakfast in the main dining area gives residents more options for their breakfast.  Since the made to order breakfast is open from 7:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m., residents can enjoy their breakfast at a time that they prefer.  Residents like being able to wake up when they choose.


We try very hard to make dining at Grand View Care Center an enjoyable experience and we recently changed our meal times to improve residents' appetites during dinner/lunch and reduce the morning "rush" for residents and staff.