While laundry might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the quality of care at a long term care facility, it does play an important role in our residents’ needs. 


Realizing that comfort and cleanliness adds to the quality of life for our residents, our Laundry department is in operation seven days a week, including holidays.  This expansive schedule helps us to insure fresh and sanitized bedding, towels, and clothes for our residents. 


Marked, personal laundry is picked up from the resident's room one day and delivered back to their room by the next day.  Personal laundry is included in the per diem rate. We encourage residents to have clothing that is wash-and-wear. 


We do everything possible to make sure our residents have clean, unwrinkled and comfortable clothing. This is part of our quality care.


Families are able to wash their resident's clothing, especially more delicate items, if they desire.