Activities Programs at Grand View

Residents love to do tasks that they used to do in their homes, and so we have plenty of opportunity to do activities such as baking, cooking, corn husking, potato peeling, sewing, and seasonal decorating.


Community involvement is vital to the life of the facility.  Our residents look forward to church groups, civic groups, Blair-Taylor School kids, other youth groups, and individuals who visit and entertain.  Residents were once a part of the community and still enjoy being involved.  Also, we encourage residents to continue their previous associations.  For example, many residents host their church Circle or card club at Grand View.  Also family get-to-gethers are encouraged.  We have areas available for small or large gatherings and love to make these gatherings a fun and relaxing time for the resident and their family and friends.  

Hobbies-We encourage our residents to continue past hobbies and have plenty of opportunity for them to learn new ones, as well.  A few hobbies that we do include quilting, crocheting, gardening, woodworking, making craft items, golf, bowling, and reading (the Blair librarian brings books for resident reading).  Another fun part of our activities program is the incorporation of seasonal food preparation.  Making lefse in the fall, Holiday baking before Christmas, making ice cream during June (Dairy Month), and husking sweet corn, making pickles, baking apple pies, cleaning and eating berries as they are able to be harvested, are just a few examples.

Individuals-Every day we have a variety of Small group activities which include card games, men’s group, current events, story time, Wii games, and exercises.  Individual activities include One-to-one visits, reminiscing, fun games of checkers and other board games, cards, manicures; walks/wheelchair rides outdoors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunshine, helping to write letters, and much, much more!

Groups-We have lots of fun large group activities for all to enjoy.  Bingo, Cover-all, movie night (with pop and popcorn, of course), live music and programs by area entertainers, afternoon Happy Hour, sing-a-long, and lots of special occasion parties.

Specialized- Activities such as sensory stimulation, reality orientation, remotivation, reminiscing, and validation therapy are done on a more individualized basis by staff trained to carry out these more specialized activities.  

Celebrations-Almost every month we find an event to celebrate.  Our New Year’s Eve party, Valentine’s dance, Sweetheart dinner, St. Pat’s dance, Easter program, Mother’s Day tea, June Dairy Days program, Father’s Day picnic, Halloween dance, Fall Fundraiser, Holiday Bazaar, and our Christmas party. 

Community Events-Outings are very popular, especially in the warmer weather.  With the use of the Grand View’s bus and van, we are able to take almost anyone who wants to go out to eat; on shopping trips; fishing on area lakes, rivers, or streams; to school plays and programs; to watch the Cheesefest parade; visit farms or homes of friends and volunteers; or just to take a leisurely afternoon ride in the countryside (and stop for ice cream!).  With arrangements through social services, families can use Grand View's handicapped equipped vehicles to transport their loved one.

Recreational-For residents who love physical activity, we have a fully equipped gym, a daily exercise program, and a restorative program.  We also recently completed our scenic nature path where residents can safely take walks (or be wheeled) outdoors and enjoy nature.

Religious Services-We offer a wide variety of religious programs.  Grand View is fortunate to have many compassionate and caring area pastors who are committed to ministering to our residents.   They provide weekly ecumenical church services on Sunday, monthly communion services on Monday, and Catholic mass each Tuesday.  Pastors also drop in to counsel, comfort, encourage and visit with their parishioners frequently.  Plus, several dedicated volunteers help with services, lead bible studies and hold prayer groups.  Our Spiritual Needs team is truly a gift from heaven!