Fitness and Rehab Center

Our Fitness Center is open 24 hours a day to members.  It is filled with treadmills, eliptical machines, a stepping machine, several different cycles, weight training equipment, Sci Fits, Nu Step and much more!  Membership and monthly fees are very reasonable-- just a fraction of the cost of most other Fitness Centers.


If you would like to become a member, contact us at 608-989-2511.

We listen to our members and that helps to keep our fitness center up to date and filled with equipment that is liked and therefore used.  For example, we started out with one Sci Fit and over the past two years have added 3 more, plus a Nu Step machine (very similar to the Sci Fit).


At Grand View Care Center, we encourage healthy living and our new Fitness Center, open to the community, is proof! There are no more excuses--you can be in your best shape and health, feel great and have more energy!


The Fitness Center is free to employees.  See Employment Benefits.