Recurring Events

Ecumenical Church Service 2:30 pm, Thursday, in the 600 Wing--Everyone is welcomed. Coffee served following service.

Prayer Service

10:30 am, Tuesdays, in the Main Dining Room--Family and friends welcomed.


6:30 pm, Mondays, in the Main Dining Room--Come and join the fun!                                                       High stake Bingo is played every other Wednesday at 2 pm

Bean bag/Ring toss 2:00 pm, Mondays-- These are fun games for our residents--and if you don't want to play, spectators are always welcome!
Bingo 2:00 pm, Saturdays--Coffee served following Bingo. Come and join the fun!
Bridge-O 2:00 pm, Sundays --Coffee served following Bridge-O.  Family and friends welcomed.

Upcoming Events

Wine and Cheese Tasting
Friday, May 25, 2018
@ 2:00 p.m. in the Dining Room
We'll have fun tasting selected wines and cheeses--thanks to the Grand View Auxiliary who is sponsoring this event! Join us for the fun!

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