2017-2018 Fitness and Wellness Incentives

Grand View's Fitness and Wellness incentive program provides financial incentives to employees who are committed to maintaining their current good health or improving their health.


Research shows that employees that have a good health status or are taking strides to be healthy will be less likely to miss work, have fewer injuries, and be more productive while on the job.  In addition fewer clinic visits will help reduce insurance premiums, saving Grand View and the employee money.


Preventative Care INCENTIVE: 

Employee providing proof of an annual "preventative care" physician check-up/physical will receive $50.00.*  

Maintain a HEALTHY Weight INCENTIVE:

Simply by having your BMI at or less than 27.0, you will earn $100.*

5K Challenge INCENTIVE:

Run/walk an "officially" timed 5K, 10K, 15K, etc. race in "officially recorded" time allotments of 40:00 minutes or less per 5K distance, and earn $125.00.  


Run/walk additional 5K, 5 mile, 10K or 15K races (no limit) in "officially recorded" time allotments of 40:00 minutes or less per 5K and you will be reimbursed $20 per race.  Additionally, for those employees who wish to challenge themselves further, Grand View reimburses $50 per 1/2 marathon, marathon, dualthon or triathlon event, with no time limits.


Employees could potentially earn $275 or more in wellness incentives annually!!!




Additional Wellness and Fitness INCENTIVES offered to Grand View Employees:

  • Grand View provides fitness center usage free of charge to all of our employees.  This is valued at over $300.00 anually.*
  • Grand View offers a one-time reinbursment of $375.00 afer completion of Gunderson's One-on-one Registered Dietitian 6 month comprehensive weight management system.*
  • Grand View offers a smoking cessation plan of up to $350.00.*
  • Grand View offers a non-smoking incentive discount of $20.00 per month on health insurance premiums for employees on Grand View's insurance plan.*
  • Personal Health Assessments.*
  • Health food options for employee meals and snacks.*

* See Grand View office staff for more details.