Our Mission:

As a quality health care provider and community partner, Grand View Care Center provides quality person-centered care by serving each resident with care and compassion while preserving individual independence and dignity.


We maintain our mission through:

-Our commitment to provide a physical, social, and spiritual environment by recognizing the value and quality of residents and staff.


-Our provision of rehabilitative and therapeutic services to individuals at any stage of life that empowers the individual to maintain and improve their strengths and abilities.

Our Vision:

Grand View Care Center is committed as a provider and employer of choice for health care services in our community. We strive to improve quality and to find the latest innovations.

Our Values: 

Quality of Care - we encourage all levels of our organization to provide compassionate and innovative person-centered care.

Respect - we treat everyone with dignity and kindness in all levels of the organization.

Teamwork - we encourage everyone to work together to pursue and accomplish our goals as a health care provider, employer, and community partner.