About Us

Grand View is truly a special place, filled with caring people.  The enthusiasm that you will see among our residents, staff and volunteers warms hearts and brings joy.


Daily, you will see people giving and sharing in so many ways. Life here is filled with little things such as smiles, kindness and small favors that, given out of habit, comfort and give meaning to life. 


The satisfaction of seeing a smile on one's face or hearing the sound of laughter throughout the halls is virtually priceless.   This is a common occurrence at Grand View.  We truly are a great place to live, work, volunteer and visit.


Grand View was one of only 450 recipients of the American Health Care Association's nation-wide Bronze Award in 2010.  This is the first in a 3 step process to improve quality care.


We are pleased that a large number of our employees and volunteers have also received Wisconsin Health Care Association's Shining Star Awards.